To … This is one of the major … Introduction. In case you need to set Angular first, you can find help here. Angular2 Files. How it Works. Videogular2 is under active development and will be available with Angular 2+. 0.2.2 - backport from the next branch to support IE9-10; 0.2.0 : angular.module changed from 'angular-audio-player' to 'audioPlayer' - seemed more ngCompliant to me; property 'playingTrack' renamed to 'currentTrack' - again, on first directive tapeout names … 1. It will deprecate completely going ahead. Prerequisites. Tags: angular 10 templates, digital product landing, iot product landing, landing page, landing product, marketing campaign landing, natural product landing, one product landing page, one-page products, product landing page angular, product launch, product launch page, product one page, saas product … Videogular is a wrapper over the HTML5 video tag, so you just could add whatever you want. Attribute − Directive activates when a matching attribute is encountered. CSS − Directive activates when a matching css style is encountered. This provides a very powerful, but simple to use solution, for everybody. A service that can be used to get and set the page title of a current HTML document. The source code below explkains what i want to do. Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. Instead of using the component to generate a complete